pátek 26. září 2014

[PART 1] Ovirt with SSO - openldap

This tutorial was tested with fedora 18 for openldap, and centos 6.5 for ovirt.  I will try to give detailed steps how to get work ovirt with SSO.
I assume that you have some basic information about ovirt, LDAP and Kerberos.

Installing OpenLDAP

First of all, we need to install OpenLDAP as a LDAP provider.
We will later install kerberos, as authN provider: Ok, once we have both packages installed, we will start the service and enable autostart: Now we have up and running OpenLDAP, but we are far what we need.

Configuring schemas, overlay, dn and password

First of all we need to add cosine and inetorgperson schemas: If we would need to oVirt work corectly with groups, we have to add memberof overlay. Now, we have to create password for directory administrator.: Specify our suffix, rootdn and password of directory manager.

Create OU for users and groups

Create oraganization and organization unit for users and groups. Create user and group.

Try it

In next part we will configure OpenLDAP with kerberos.

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