úterý 19. května 2015

SAML and oVirt 3.5

Same way as kerberos is supported for oVirt 3.5 there is also support for SAML via apache module.

There are few SAML apache modules, but I chose mod_auth_mellon, as it has very nice documentation.

First of all we need to setup some identity provider. I chose OpenAM. Please follow steps to quick install of OpenAM with embedded OpenDJ ldap.

OK I presume, that you have up and running OpenAM on tomcat with embedded OpenDJ ldap.
Next step is to setup ourt OpenAM as Identity Provider. Go to 'common-tasks' tab and hit the button 'Created Hosted Identity Provider'. Set name  of your metadata(your URL). Signing key, if you want. Then create new CoT and named it as you like, not important for us. Now very important thing. You need to add attribute mapping, so we are able to map the uid of user in ldap to REMOTE_USER env of apache. Please set 'Name in assertion' to 'common-name' and 'Local attribute name' to 'cn'. And we are done.

Apache configuration

Now we need to setup oVirt apache as service provider(I am using RHEL 6.6):
  • Install mod_auth_mellon apache module:
  • Obtain IdP metadata:
  • Create SP metadata:
  • Previous step will create for you three files:
  • copy them to the /etc/httpd/mellon  and asure that all files and folder can be read by apache.
  • Create mod_auth_mellon configuration:
  • In OpenAM go to 'common-tasks' , hit 'register remote service provider'. Upload your SP metadata WHAT_EVER_SP_ENTITY_NAME_ID.xml. Choose already cretead CoT. That's all, click 'configure'.

oVirt AAA configuration

We had setup both mod_auth_mellon as SP and OpenAM as IdP. Last thing is to setup oVirt to respect this setup.
  • Install oVirt AAA packages:
  • Authn configuration:
  • Authz configuration:
  • Connection configuration:
  • This is custom properties file of opendj, I've created it for this example saml configuration. It's not supported by oVirt:
  • Check correct persmissions of all properties file, it have to be readeble by oVirt.

No we will create test user in OpenDJ. Go to OpenAM -> 'Access Control' tab -> select your realm (default /). Click 'Subjects' tab -> Add new user -> Fill appropriate values. (ie user1.)

Now go to oVirt webadmin and search within 'http' profile for user1 and assign him permissions. Now go to ovirt-engine/api URL and you will be forwarded to OpenAM login screen, fill your credentials and you are now able to access rest-api.

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